Dear visitor! This website is about the Hungarian Countrywide Blue Tour (called "OKT" in Hungarian, and abbreviated and used as CBT or "Blue" hereinafter), which is the oldest long distance walking path in Europe. The complete length of the route is 1128.2 km (701.03 mile), with an elevation gain of 30213 meter (99124 feet) in the West-East direction, through the northern part of the country - climbing mainly hills and small mountains. The CBT is pretty well-known in Hungary, thanks to a documentary serial (from 1979) of a famous Hungarian hiker Mr. Pál Rockenbauer (One and a Half Million Steps in Hungary - 3 DVDs).

The accomplishment of the CBT is one of the most important things in the life of a Hungarian hiker. You can "use" the CBT to discover the beauties of the Hungarian nature, to visit small villages and historical towns, and to meet the common people of the Carpathian Basin. I started this site in the summer of 2005, right after my first walk on the Blue. The site is growing rapidly, as I accomplish the remaining sections. As the Hungarian Nature-Friends' Association keeps a record of the people who accomplished the CBT, you will need to have a small Official Booklet to prove, that you really made it! More info in the Information Menu...

From the Menu above, you can reach the Official Announcement of the Countrywide Blue Tour, the history of the CBT, the travelogues of the accomplished parts, the elevation profiles (made with GPS), the Google Earth files (with the stamping places and all the photos along the track, etc.) and the Gallery of Photos with more than a thousand images... And there is also a collection of links (sadly a big percentage of the links points to a Hungarian speaking site).

The English translation of the travelogues takes for a little while. However, visiting the site regularly, or checking the RSS-feed you will discover the beauties of Hungary step by step with the same excitement and satisfaction that I experienced in my each consecutive trip!

Have a good time on the site, I wish you a pleasant walk on the Blue, and sunny weather along your journey.