Google Earth fileS

Before Google Earth, I made some similar files by placing public LANDSAT satellite imagery upon the SRTM data (digital 3D topography), but with the Google Earth application, the process is faster, easier and the results are much more better and interactive. The amount of data which can be placed into a file is amazing, the potential in the creation of GE files is enormous. It is a really powerful tool for presentation also.

I track my hikes from the beginning with my GPS, so the creation of these files was self-evident. You can find all the tracks, the checkpoints, some interesting points, and nearly all the photographs (at the exact place where they were exposed) in the files below. All the captions and the legends are displayed in Hungarian and English too.

Most of the browsers will automatically offer the opening of the files in Google Earth upon a click on the desired section's corresponding icon (if you have Google Earth installed on your computer). If not, then please right click on the icon then chose to save it onto your hard-disk, and open it from there with Google Earth. You can open the whole dataset in one file, just click on the icon in the top left corner (with a Greek capital letter). The not yet accomplished sections are marked with pale icons.